Course Description:

Basic laws of Thermodynamics such as conservation of  mass, energy and the second law of thermodynamics in open  and  closed systems,  heat and mass transfer for solving  problems  with  conduction,  convection,  radiation, basic fluid mechanics concepts such as conservation  of  momentum and application of energy equations to  control  volumes will be covered. Solution of problems using  tables,  charts  and  formulae for simple analysis of some basic thermal systems is in the scope of this course.

Text Book: 

Fundementals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Yunus A.Çengel, Robert H.Turner, John M. Cimbala, 4th Ed. 


The course syllabus provides a detailed listing of the topics to be covered in each lecture. 


As basic preparation for each lecture, you should read the assigned section of the textbook before coming to class. There will be study questions (with solutions)  and homework problems assigned for you after each three chapters. (Total of 4 HWs will be given). There may be two/three quizes during semester, which you will be informed of before. 


There will be two two-hour midterm exams and one two-hour final comprehensive exam. The comprehensive final exam will be given during the final exam period. All examinations, including the final, will be closed book and closed notes. You may need tables, graphs and formulae which will be provided in the web site. You should print them out and bring to exams. 

Grading will be announced later