Re-sit Exam Grades

201512043 47
201412067 42
201612657 38
201512066 30
201012305 11
201512025 1

ME 215 Resit exam is on 31.01.2018, at 10:00 in room LB05

Final Grades are announced!!

Mid 2 Make-up results
201312403 12
201212037 39
201512036 46


ME 215  Fundamentals of Thermal Systems


 Asst. Prof. Dr. Ekin Özgirgin Yapıcı (Room: LA08)



Assistant: Res. Assist. Sühan MERGEN (Room:LA22)


Text book: Fundementals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences, Yunus A.Çengel, Robert H.Turner, John M. Cimbala, 4th Ed.

Important: For the primary communication tool, we will use web onlie. You will have to enroll yourself to the web online ME 215 course. Password will be provided later. Lecture Notes will be posted on webonline. Announcement will be posted on webonline and website.